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Santiam Christian Post Season Pics!

The football team had little issues in the first round of the playoffs, while the volleyball team went down at the wire in a great match with Cascade Christian.


Some 2017 SC Football and Volleyball pictures!

Things are so busy my brain feels like a pinball!  I also have soccer and cross-country pictures that will hopefully be up soon, as well as another football game.  For now, here you go!  Please share this site with friends and family, and I love seeing these pics being posted online!!

Home opener vs Illinois Valley

Another win against Sheridan

A trio of SC volleyball victories


Playoff win for SC

The Eagles were able to extend their season 1 more week as they shut down Nyssa on November 5, 2016.  Sadly, this was the last win for Santiam Christian as they fell the next week to underdog Salem Academy.  But here are pictures from the win!  Congrats, guys, I am proud of you for all you did this year!


The offensive line held up well against a bigger opponent.


Back to back losses is tough for the Eagles

Not too much can be said when you watch a group of guys suffer in two straight games.  I will let the pictures tell the stories.


Zach Watson fight for an extra yard against Dayton


Grant Carley celebrates as Parker Stutzman takes the go-ahead reception into the endzone.


SC rolls over Sheridan 47-0

Opening league play against Sheridan, the varsity took care of business and gave the 4th quarter to the JV, who had only played 2 quarters against Sheridan earlier in the week.



Another year of football

Another season opener against Harrisburg, and again it is close!  Not coming down to one or two points like the last two years, but it still went down to the wire.  SC’s defense stepped up huge in the last two minutes, causing a redzone fumble and sealing their 6 point victory.


Kontra. ‘Nuff said.