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The Eagles beat the Warriors…Twice!

A great night of basketball as the SC girls and boys defeated the Amity Warriors.  We had two photographers going strong, so sit back and enjoy!

Such an exciting night that many fans wished they could fly like this!


Santiam Christian hosts Dayton

Well, not the way anyone wanted to end their Friday night.  The girls hung early, but Dayton ran away in the second half.  And the boys stayed in it down to the wire, just never quite got enough shots to fall.

Oh, and OttFam got kicked off the basketball court.  For the first time.  Ever.  “Terrible.”


2016 Santiam Christian Fall Sports

Okay, with so much going on, I never got pictures from Volleyball, Soccer, or Cross Country posted!  Here they are, a little bit delayed, but maybe we can say they are well aged.  If you are new to OttFam, there is not yet a way to purchase online.  Simply email or call me with photos you are interested in.  Please note that pictures get a very quick edit before going online.  Purchased photos will be much further edited and cropped.  So, without further ado, here are the rest of the Santiam Christian 2016 Fall Sports Pictures!



Wrestling home and away…

When one of the 2017 Winter storms rolled through the valley, it turned the Screamin’ Eagle into the Frozen Eagle.  Many teams bailed out, with one more showing and leaving early.  The next week we headed over the pass and spent two days taking pictures of the Oregon Classic.  This album starts with a few pics from the SC meet, and the rest are in Redmond.  Chance’s pictures take over about halfway through, as you can see by the logo.  


Basketball is here!

Last Monday I was able to cruise to SC and watch the boys and girls take care of the Taft Tigers.  If you pay attention to the logo on each picture, you will see that OttFam has another camera working!  Chance did a great job and I am thankful for his contribution!