You can be proud of second…

What a day.  Such a day that it has taken me 2+ weeks to post the pictures.  On June 3, #1 Santiam Christian faced off against #3 Stanfield/Echo for the OSAA 3A State Championship.  (These two already went at it in April in a non-league game, with the Eagles needing a 2 run walk-off homer in the bottom of the 7th to win it.)

Falling behind by 3 early, SC kept fighting and tied things up in the 6th.  It went into extras, and SC had a great shot to take the win in the 8th, but a play at the plate did not go their way.  Stanfield scored 2 in the top of 10, and SC got one back in the bottom, but that just wasn’t enough.

Being the first SC team to reach the State Championship in back to back seasons, a silver is nothing to be ashamed of.  I was amazingly proud to be in the dugout and watch these guys battle.  High school sports photography is going to change greatly with this group of seniors moving on to bigger and better things.  Of 11 seniors, I had coached 10 of them at one point or another.  Hard to watch these guys go, yet I cannot wait to see what great things they accomplish!

4119 SCBB  '16