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A week of baseball with some softball thrown in

A busy week containing 3 baseball games and 2 softball games was highlighted by Dru Draper’s walk-off 2 run homerun against #5 Stanfield/Echo on Thursday.  It was good for the Eagles, still #4 after the win, to have a challenge, as they rolled up both Amity and Willamina in the other two games.


Draper, with 2 outs in the bottom of the 7th, shot this one out of the park for a 2-1 victory!

The girls struggled against Amity on Tuesday, losing late in the game.  But then they got some bugs ironed out and took care of Willamina on Friday.

303 SCSB '16

Sarah Kessi gets the ball to Ashley Fast for an out at second



SC Softball and Track & Field!!

Yes, Santiam Christian truly does have a spring sport besides baseball!  Two others, actually.  I have only made it to two track meets, and only one and a half softball games (but I sat through a rainstorm at a softball game, that has to buy me some grace!) and I hope to make more!  Here are pics from the events I have made it to.

043 SCSB  '16
102 SCTF  '16


Another week of baseball

With a home non-league win over Waldport and a another win, on the road, over Dayton, the Eagles moved up to #4 in the 3A rankings.

958 SCBB '16


And then week 3…

The Eagles baseball team suffered their first league loss to Horizon Christian, but worked it out three days later, hitting the ball all over the town of Sheridan.

945 SCBB  '16


SC Baseball Week 2…

The league season opened for SC last week with games against Willamina and Taft with a non-league game against East Linn thrown in for good times.  Please click below to see pics of all three games!

685 SCBB '16