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Spring is Baseball, even in AZ…

Twelve seniors on a 3A High School baseball team.  Yup, that’s a lot.  But I had a blast watching them play 5 games in the Phoenix area over spring break.  I missed the season opener back home, so it was a great refreshment to enjoy sunny days and lots of baseball.  Please click below and browse through the collection from all of the games!

541 SCBB '16

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2016 OSAA State Wrestling Tournament

Santiam Christian took 5 guys to state, and 3 of them ended the weekend on the awards podium.  In the album you will find pics of SC, Scio, Willamina, Dayton, Harrisburg, Monroe, and Central.  There are also some randoms scattered throughout.  I was able to keep pics of each match together, although they may not be in perfect order within the match.  And overall the matches should go in a correct timeline.  Pics start Thursday night with SC checking into the hotel and visiting the Coliseum, go through Friday’s matches, and then into Saturday.

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271 State WR '16

An overall view of the state championship tourney