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SC Basketball League Playoffs

On February 20th, the SC boys and girls were playing for third place in the PacWest Conference.  The girls took care of business against Willamina, while the boys came up short against Horizon Christian.  However, due to their high ranking, the boys still earned a spot in the state playoffs.

2332 SC WS

2354 SC WS


Oregon 3A Special District 2 Championships!

Between a Friday and Saturday, over 2500 pics were taken!!  Two weeks later, that has been refined to 650.  There are more of some matches, less of others.  Every match of the finals has pictures.  Every weight class awards has pictures.  The album starts with Day 1, then Day 2, followed by the finals.  Most matches have two batches of pictures due to the two-camera effect.  For the finals, however, I did my best to go back and combine all pics of each match.  Please click the picture below and enjoy!  (I still do not have a way set up for direct online purchases.  To place an order, please contact my email.  The price list is found on the title bar.)

625 District 2


Basketball and Court of Hearts

Well, it seems time has gotten away from me yet again.  Here are pictures of the SC Eagles playing Dayton on February 9, 2016.  I was honored to be asked by some parents to take pictures of the Court of Hearts, and you will find those below as well.

2128 SC WS

019 CoH

2200 SC WS



SC Sports Catch-up!

Things have been busy around the OttFam household, and I fell a bit behind getting these pictures up for all to see!  I apologize for that.  These albums go back to January 21st.  You will find two for each of Wrestling, Girls BB, and Boys BB.  The second album for each basketball team contains a few JV pictures as well.  Please share and get word out so players and parents can see them!  Click on any of the pictures below and it will take you straight into the album for that game:

Izzy, Riles, and Otto taking a moment for a pic after the Dual at Dayton.


1475 SC WS

The girls lining up for the Star Spangled Banner before a battle with Amity.


1648 SC WS

Brady making a drive late in the game.


Celebrating Senior Night before beating Sheridan.

Celebrating Senior Night before beating Sheridan.


Boys getting ready to take the court against Sheridan.

Boys getting ready to take the court against Sheridan.


Wresting team, coaches, manager, support staff...

Wresting team, coaches, manager, support staff…