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Update on SC Wrestling

Well, things have been so busy that I am weeks behind.  Hear are pics from the last two wrestling tournaments:

527 SC WS

Scio Holiday Tournament, December 12, 2015

865 SC WS

Central High Tournament, December 18, 2015


Basketball is here…

As the Eagles took to the court for their second game, OttFam adjusted to a season of indoor sports.  I am excited about winter, as I have 2 new cameras and a few new lenses that I did not have last year.  It will still take some adjusting, and I am having some focus issues, which you might notice in a few that still made the cut.  And then there is the giant Eagle on the east end, which seems to be trying to steal every picture.

So, without further blabbering, here are the pics from Friday nights games against Blanchet.  Just click on the big Eagle;)

053 SC WS