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Santiam Christian Post Season Pics!

The football team had little issues in the first round of the playoffs, while the volleyball team went down at the wire in a great match with Cascade Christian.


Otting-girls Volleyball!

Boy did this keep me busy!  On top of all my work for SC, I was chasing around my daughters and their separate volleyball teams.  With so much going on, I didn’t even come close to enough time to edit these. But if you order any prints, I will edit them and give you 50% off!  And if these are good enough, then download all and any you wish!!  Email me with questions at

4th and 5th Grade

6th Grade


Lots of SC Fall Sports

Quite a collection with every SC fall sport represented!

V Willamina

V Amity

Part II

Part III

Cross Country

Girls Soccer

Boys Soccer




Some 2017 SC Football and Volleyball pictures!

Things are so busy my brain feels like a pinball!  I also have soccer and cross-country pictures that will hopefully be up soon, as well as another football game.  For now, here you go!  Please share this site with friends and family, and I love seeing these pics being posted online!!

Home opener vs Illinois Valley

Another win against Sheridan

A trio of SC volleyball victories


Far from the beginning

As another school year ends, I feel led to give an update as well as a history.  In 2008 I was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  I dove into photography as a way to earn some money while I couldn’t work as an electrician.  Almost 9 years later, and here I am, back as an electrician, and loving photography as much as ever.  All praise to God that I am still alive, and able to take pictures!

Honestly, this page was started to try and sell landscape pictures I had been taking.  And it ended up as a giant display board for pictures taken of Santiam Christian athletics.  Not the road I predicted.  Different gear has been purchased over the years.  Less time in the outdoors than desired.  And a lot of deadlines I never saw coming.  But yet, my heart is full.

I have found that Track & Field is hands down the hardest avenue to take pictures of.  Let’s face it, kids make terrible faces when doing the long jump, or sprinting, or jumping hurdles.  Speaking of hurdles, nothing has challenged me more than focusing on an object running one direction and jumping in another!  Frustration has driven me to edge more than once.  Then I get the picture.  You know, THE picture.  I see a junior set a PR in the 800, and his mom is waiting at the finish line.  A mom who has supported him all the way.  He melts into her arms, relieved by the fact that he just qualified for the State Finals.

Another photography, while not taking pictures of the encounter, tells me how “You just got it.  The picture that says why we are here.”

I have coached, I have cheered, and now I just take pictures.  My website gets updated by games and tournaments, by seasons instead of hikes and camp outs.  And I get frustrated that I don’t spend more “free time” taking pics.  But as frustrated as I get, pictures like this keep me behind the camera…


Santiam Christian Winter Sports ’16-’17

A few months behind, but here is a catch up with all the winter sports!  I want all SC buyers to know that you will receive 50% off any prints ordered!!  To order, please note the file name in the bottom left corner of the picture, and send me an email with the photos you want.  Prices are available here (remember the discount!) and my email is


Boys and Girls Basketball:





Senior Night






2017 Wrestling Districts and State

Pictures from OSAA Special District 3 and the State Championships






Battle of the Christians….

Horizon Christian Hawks came into Santiam Christian to see their girls suffer a rough loss.  Then their boys decided to make up for it.


The Eagles beat the Warriors…Twice!

A great night of basketball as the SC girls and boys defeated the Amity Warriors.  We had two photographers going strong, so sit back and enjoy!

Such an exciting night that many fans wished they could fly like this!


Santiam Christian hosts Dayton

Well, not the way anyone wanted to end their Friday night.  The girls hung early, but Dayton ran away in the second half.  And the boys stayed in it down to the wire, just never quite got enough shots to fall.

Oh, and OttFam got kicked off the basketball court.  For the first time.  Ever.  “Terrible.”